For programmers

Questions to consider before moving to a shared library
If your software group or company is considering moving a bunch of different projects onto a shared library, here are some questions to consider. (For example, moving a bunch of web apps onto an in house web framework).
Unicode notes from an ASCII programmer
Some notes from debugging a Unicode issue, and a list of things that behave differently between Unicode and ASCII. Primarily focused for programmers who are used to dealing only with ASCII strings.
Computer science game trees
How does a computer select the best move in a board game?
Quick review of RPG Maker MV
If you're thinking about using RPG Maker MV for your next game, here are my quick impressions.

For enthusiasts

Building a home karaoke system
How I built the software for a home karaoke system with open source software and ran it on a Raspberry Pi.
More bits isn't always better
There's no real reason to move to 128 bit computing just yet.

Let's code

A series where I work through a project and talk about some of my thought processes behind the design and implementation.

Roguelike tutorial part 0
Introduction and setup
Roguelike tutorial part 1
Drawing the player and moving around
Roguelike tutorial part 2
Entities and the map
Roguelike tutorial part 3
Making a dungeon
Roguelike tutorial part 4
Field of view and exploration
Roguelike tutorial part 5
Setting up enemies
Roguelike tutorial part 6
Combat engine
Roguelike tutorial part 7
Enhancing the UI
Roguelike tutorial part 8
Items and inventory
Roguelike tutorial part 9
More spell variety